Application standard of brush roller of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine

2022-05-10 Writer:default
With the influence of supply and demand, the types of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines are more and more abundant, and the functions are more and more diversified. Cleaning is the most basic use requirement. In the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, the brush roller is an important accessory.
The brush roller mainly cleans the dirt and residual pesticides adhered to the surface of fruit and vegetable products. The skin of freshly picked fruits and vegetables is very fragile. In the process of cleaning, the operation of machinery makes the brush roller turn over their surfaces constantly, with moderate friction and repeated wiping. If the brush wire of the brush roller is too hard, the skin of fruits and vegetables will be broken or "bumped" and bruised. The brush wire is too soft and the cleaning effect is not good. Therefore, it is suggested that the brush roller should be made of material with good resilience, moderate hardness and wear resistance.
Generally, cleaning machine manufacturers will choose PA6, PA66, PA610 and pa612 as the material selection of brush roller wire, and meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, antibacterial and mildew resistance, safety, health and environmental protection, no color loss and no hair loss.