Industrial brushes with different brush wires will be used in different places

2022-05-11 Writer:default
Tags: brush used wire
Industrial brushes are widely used in almost all industries. However, the industrial brushes used in different industries are also different, and the big difference is the brush wire. The different brush wire will lead to different application places.
The industrial bristle brush with bristle type brush wire has elasticity and hardness. It is generally used in the textile industry and can achieve good results.
The industrial brush with horsehair brush wire is relatively soft. It will not cause hard damage to things, and its corrosion resistance and wear resistance are also relatively good. It is suitable for polishing leather, etc.
The industrial brush made of steel wire is hard and mainly used for grinding and sanding. It is generally used to treat some stones, such as the grinding of the surface of marble.
The industrial brush with abrasive wire combines toughness and softness. It is mainly used in the hardware industry to clean, rust, deburr or polish the metal materials, so as to obtain a smooth surface.