Spring brush

2022-05-13 Writer:default
Introduction to spring brush:
1. Spring brush is to embed the brush wire on the galvanized iron strip or in the stainless steel strip. It is wound into the shape of spring by machine, so as to form a new kind of brush roller. This technology is a new method of brush roller introduced from abroad.
2. There are two kinds of spring brushes. The first is called inner wound spring brush and the second is called outer wound spring brush.
3. The spring brush roller keeps the density of the brush wire formed by spot welding on a seamless circular shaft by winding in this way. Spring brush roller (also known as winding brush roller) with high height and not easy to lose wire.
Purpose of spring brush:
Spring brush is used in home decoration, steel (steel plate pretreatment, steel plate galvanization, steel plate color coating), glass cleaning and other industries, bleaching, dyeing and printing industries.
Features of spring brush:
1. Spring brush mainly solves the problem that the density of ordinary brush roller can not be reached. Because the planting of bristles on plastics depends on whether the brush wire is firm and whether the brush wire does not fall off. The density of ordinary brush roller in planting brush wire is the lowest; To achieve the highest density, ordinary brush roller can not reach.
2. Some spring brushes also have a certain clearance, which is specially designed to consider whether sundries will fall into the brush wire and cannot be cleaned when the spring brush is working.